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About Anuta

Musrafy Anuta

5th July 2005

Rossity Kuzma (Black Smoke)

Laska Onix Gloria (Golden)

Anuta is a Silver Classic (Blotched) Tabby Siberian, this is a rare combination of colour and pattern. And makes Anuta a very special girl.

Anuta is a fantastic, beautiful Siberian, who likes to explore everything. She is very loving and enjoys a fuss.

Andy and I are proud to have her as part of the family and are grateful to Maria Bunina for letting Anuta come and live with us. A big thank you to Maria.

Anuta loves playing with everyone and is great with visitors. She is very well behaved and is always patient at mealtimes.

Anuta is a fantastic Mum and we can't wait to see her future kittens.

Oct 07 - Anuta has Golden Kittens with Cimus.


About Cimus

TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Rossity Cimus

7th September 2005

Gr Int Ch Odissey Onix Gloria of Rossity (Silver)

Rossity Lubushka (Golden)

Cimus is a Silver Shaded and was imported from Moscow, Russia. Thank you to Elena Goreninova of Rossity Cattery for entrusting Cimus to us, he is such a sweetheart and loved by everyone who meets him.

Since joining us from Russia Cimus has been a fantastic edition to our family. He was adored by everyone while at 4 Paws Quarantine, Blackpool.

He has just become a Daddy for the first time and we are looking forward to seeing how the kittens grow. We are hoping that they are just as sweet and as beautiful as Dad

Cimus has a 21ft outside run which has a huge oak tree for him to climb and he is always out watching the squirrels that live in it.

His older sister Rossity Harita lives with Maria Bunina at

Cimus has just had his first litter of Golden Kittens.


About Mishka

TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alexandrite Angelus Mishka

18th July 2006

Matvey Dauria (Silver)

Musrafy Anuta (Silver)

Mishka is a Silver Shaded and White Siberian. And like his mum has a wonderful temperament and type.

Mishka is the first UK bred Siberian to gain BEST KITTEN at a TICA show (see show news for results)

Mishka loves having a cuddle and enjoys playing with his mum. He especially loves playing with water and will often empty his water bowl all over the floor, much to the annoyance of his mum.

Mishka was born in our first litter of Siberians and we can't believe how lucky we have been.

Mishka is going to be a future Stud at Alexandrite.

More photos of Mishka...



About Galina

Musrafy Galina

7th August 2006

Rossity Kuzma (Black Smoke)

Nusrafy Dauria (Blue Silver Tortie Tabby)

Galina is a Blue Tortie Tabby Siberian and is another beautiful Siberian from Maria at

She has a very affectionate personality and likes getting up to mischief with her partner in crime Anyanka.

Galina is my niece Georgina's favourite. Georgina absolutely adores Galina and I am sure when Georgina comes to visit she really has come to see Galina and not us!

I can't wait to see Galina grow into a Beauty Queen like her Mum.


About Anyanka

Alexandrite Anyanka

24th August 2006

Rossity Kuzma (Black Smoke)

Radzimierz Roseanna (Silver)

Anyanka is a Silver Tabby Siberian, just like her Mum Willow. And she is a mini version of her Mum, she also has her Mum's mischievous nature and will get up to all sorts of tricks and stunts.

She too loves to cuddle and enjoys playing with Galina.

Anyanka has such a wonderful personality, she is very confident and enjoys being the centre of attention.

Anyanka is Mishka's sweetheart!

She is growing into a beautiful young girl.

Anyanka has just had her first litter and is making a wonderful Mum.


AnutaWillowWillow and Anya

About Willow

TICA Double Grand Champion Radzimierz Roseanna

20th June 2005

Radzimierz Korchnoi (Blue Smoke)

Valenvic Rossi (Brown)

Willow is a Silver Mackerel Tabby, and is immensely mischievous and is the most talkative member of the family.

She has the sweetest nature to match her sweet features. She is very popular with visitors and very outgoing. She loves to play chase with everyone and her favourite game is 'fetch and catch' the ball. She is very impatient at mealtimes, and often can't wait for her tea to be served.

Big thank you to Mandy Symonds for letting Willow join our family.

Willow gains Grand Champion Title at first TICA Show August 2007!

WOW Go Girl!!!


About Grumpy

TICA Triple Grand Champion and TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Azazeal

24th August 2006

Rossity Kuzma (Black Smoke)

Radzimierz Roseanna (Silver)

Grumpy is a super Black Smoke Siberian just like his Dad, mixed with his Mum's cheeky look and crazy behaviour.

He was nicknamed Grumpy as a kitten because he had such a sad, serious looking face. His character is quite the opposite!

Grumpy is the new clown in the family. Always up to something which normally goes wrong and finishes with him in a heap on the floor, with a face of "I really meant to do that Mum!".

Grumpy doesn't walk down the stairs he runs, well it starts as a run and ends with him sliding to the bottom.

He has a very friendly personality and helps with everything. Always about when food is out, even if he has just finished his plate!

I can't wait to see how he develops, as he is showing strong type, with a great physique.

Grumpy makes TICA Grand Champion at just 10 months of age!

Grumpy makes TICA Triple Grand Champion at just 11 months of age!!!

Grumpy has a RED CARD day at his FIRST GCCF show (May 08). He just purred all day!

Grumpy is the first UK bred Siberian to gain BEST ALTER at a TICA show (see show news for results) We are so proud of him. That's our boy!!!

Grumpy gains his SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ALTER title! The first and currently only Siberian Alter in the UK to have this title. Go Grumpy Go!