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Siberian Kittens

All Alexandrite Siberian Kittens will have the standard vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, PetPlan Insurance, kitten box of goodies including their very own handmade blanket from Nan.

All kittens are thoroughly cuddle tested.

Please contact me for available kittens.



Siberian Kittens

We also have kittens due June, possible colours are Silver, Silver Shaded, Black Smoke, Blue, Brown and Golden. Please contact me for more details or to make a reservation.

Pet/Show kittens £500

Breeding kittens £900-£1200

Email Jo for details


Living with Siberian Cats...

So what's it like to live with a Siberian Cat? Where do we begin...

If you want a fun-loving, sociable, gentle natured, loving cat. Then Siberian Cats are the ones for you.

Siberian Cats make wonderful companions and are considered to be very dog like, just don't let them hear you say that!

Siberian Cats love being around you and we are generally surrounded by them in various stages of sleep and play. When we come home they greet us, with a hug and we chat about their day. They love to play in water and will even play "Fetch".

Siberian Cats get on great with other cats and children.

Because of the sociable nature of Siberian cats we do recommend if you are working all day, for them to have a companion or if you can get two Siberians.

Siberian Cats are a semi-long haired medium to large cat and have a sweet chirruping voice.

Please find below some pictures of our beautiful Siberian Kittens...

YeniseySiberian KittensSiberian KittensSiberian KittensBlack Smoke Siberian KittenSilver Siberian KittenBlack Smoke Siberian Kitten