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First UK Bred Siberian to gain FIRST at UK TICA Show (Kings Heath)

Alexandrite Angelus Mishka

Anuta's New Arrivals

See Cimus and Willow's beautiful babies on the kitten page

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Since owning beautiful Birmans, I have been fascinated by cats. For a long time my husband and I wanted to add to our little family, we both loved our Birmans, but we also wanted something different. After visiting various shows we both agreed that we would love to own a Silver Tabby. At the time the only semi-long haired breeds available in this country with Silver Tabby markings were Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats. Then I saw an article on the Siberian and I fell in love. It wasn't until last year, that after moving house we were in a position to seriously look at buying another cat. So we went to the Supreme show to meet the Siberians, there we met some fantastic examples of the breed and some wonderful owners and breeders.

A decision was then made not to just buy a Siberian as a pet, but to start showing and if we were lucky enough, to breed them too. It is a decision I haven't regretted. So in December of last year, Willow and Anuta arrived. Yes, that's right, one Siberian soon became two. It didn't take them long to settle in and Fudge and Kahlan soon accepted them as part of the family. For a short time Fudge thought he was seeing double, but he now enjoys playing with them.

Our two Siberians are wonderful additions to the family. They are very friendly, adapt well to anything. At our first show in February 2006, at Shropshire, I was so nervous, but Willow and Anuta loved it. It was a special day and made extra special by Willow having 'A Red Card Day'. Not a bad start for our first show.

2006 Update

2006 was a very exciting year for us,

  • we added some new additions to our family;
  • had our first litters of Siberians;
  • imported our first Siberian from Moscow, Russia called Rossity Cimus;
  • registered Alexandrite as our breed prefix/cattery with GCCF and TICA, named after a Russian gem stone;
  • started to show at TICA, where Cimus gained his Champion Title and our very own Alexandrite Angelus Mishka did brilliantly as a kitten;
  • launched our website;
  • continued to show at GCCF, where Anuta and Willow both gained four merits each and various other rosettes.


We have started the year with our first litter from Cimus and Willow, five beautiful babies. Anuta is also looking after her first babies with Cimus.

Throughout the year we will be continuing to show at TICA and GCCF. Cimus has already gained more TICA titles.

Plus we are looking forward to see Mishka, Galina, Grumpy and Anyanka grow into young adults.

Kahlan and Fudge celebrate their 7th Birthday!

Both of them like to show any new arrivals a few mischievous tricks.

It promises to be another exciting year...

2007 Update

Wow! What another fantastic year consisting of:

  • we added more new additions to our family (just couldn't resist);
  • had our first Golden Siberian Kittens;
  • More Titles for our Beautiful Siberians:
    • Cimus - TICA Quadruple Grand Champion, Grumpy - TICA Triple Grand Champion, Willow - TICA Double Grand Champion, Mishka - TICA Champion;
  • we had our 2nd Generation of Alexandrite Siberian kittens, had too keep Drusilla from this litter she is so beautiful and such a character!
  • Mishka received a Northern Europe Kitten Regional Win for 2006/2007 TICA Show season


How do we beat our first 2 years for excitement and achievements, well you will have to wait and see, but I can assure you we have some exciting plans for this year already...

2008 Update

Another brilliant year for Alexandrite Cattery and Siberians, so what happened...

  • we added more new additions to our family:
    • SGC Cooncreole Paavo all the way from USA, big thank you to Judy for such an adorable boy. Paavo will be joining us in 2009;
    • Sapphirensteel Asya (Gemini), such a beautiful girl with that naughty tortie streak, big thank you to Denise for such a wonderful girl can't wait to see her babies next year;
    • Alexandrite Phoenix Mishka, our home bred Golden Classic and white boy, just as handsome as his Dad Mishka, just love this boy and he is Gemini's best friend;
  • More titles for our Beautiful Siberians:
    • Grumpy - TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter
    • Mishka - TICA Quadruple Grand Champion
    • Cooncreole Paavo - TICA Supreme Grand Champion;
  • Grumpy had a Red Card Day at his first GCCF show;
  • more rare Golden and Black Smoke Siberian Kittens;

Some sadness this year for us, our beautiful Kahlan is diagnosed with Lymphoma just before Christmas. Kahlan is my baby and introduction to the wonderful world of felines. My heart is broken with this news and over the next few weeks we will treasure our time together...



As we go into another year for the Alexandrite Cattery and Siberians we have another packed year in store...

SGC Cooncreole Paavo will be joining us and we are so looking forward to meeting him. He is a fantastic big boy with a brilliant temperament. He will be a wonderful addition to our breeding program. Can't wait to see his babies later in the year.

I started our first blog where we want to open a little window into the lives of our furry family and updates on our kittens in their new homes:

Alexandrite Siberian Blog

We are making the most of our time with Kahlan, she has felt poorly some days but is still very feisty and loves a cuddle. She is our little princess.

We will have more exciting news in spring and early summer...